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Yefimov Serif is a contemporary serif face, with low contrast, squarish shapes of round glyphs and emphasized businesslike nature. It is one of the last original faces by Vladimir Yefimov. Yefimov Serif will suit perfectly for business texts, periodicals and corporate identity. The typeface was completed by Maria Selezeneva and released by ParaType in 2014.

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Stem is a geometric sans-serif with semi-closed aperture and large x-height. 12 faces of it, including upright and true italic faces of different weights, are intended primarily for large point sizes. The Stem family will be supplemented with faces for text and caption setting. Design — Alexandra Korolkova with the assistance of Maria Selezeneva and Isabella Chaeva.

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Vaccine Sans is a humanist sans-serif font family with soft terminals, but stem junctions on the contrary use hard constructions. The family consists of 10 members — five weights with the corresponding italics. It can be used in a wide range of applications — magazines, advertising, corporate identity, urban navigation, packaging, children books, etc. Designed by Manvel Shmavonyan with the participation of Alexandra Korolkova and Gayaneh Bagdasaryan.

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The Journal Sans New typeface was developed in the Type Design Department of SPA of Printing Machinery in Moscow in 1940–1956 by the group of designers under Anatoly Shchukin. The new version of Journal Sans, while keeping all peculiarities and the industrial spirit of 1920s–1950s, is indeed fully adapted to the modern digital reality. It can be useful either for bringing historical spirit into design or for modern and trendy typography, both in print and on screen.

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Romanovsky is the font developed on the base of samples from the catalogue of Osip Lehman foundry in Sankt Petersburg. Original Latin design that was used for Romanovsky can be found in Feder Grotesk by Jacob Erbar. The font consists of 2 styles: Regular & Bold.

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Foros™ is a modern humanist sanserif font family presented by 8 styles of 4 weights . Each style contains beside alternatives of upper and lowercase letters a 'unicase' character set. The font is recommended for different kinds of display typography.

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Fatum™ is a new original ultrablack slab serif typeface that was initiated by the impression of the TDC 2011 exhibition. Fatum can be used in large sizes in placards, playbills, in the headings of magazines, newspapers and Web-pages, as initials in book setting, for typographic illustrations and compositions. Ultrablack weight also gives a possibility to insert pictures, ornaments or other decorations into the contours of letters. Typeface was designed by Sveta Morozova.

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