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Fashion font

Fashion is a font from Linotype library.
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Fashion Std Compressed

Fashion font preview OpenType Std (CFF) [?] $29.00 Buy Fashion Std Compressed font

Fashion Std Engraved

Fashion font preview OpenType Std (CFF) [?] $29.00 Buy Fashion Std Engraved font

Fashion Complete Family Pack (2 fonts)

￿ Std Compressed, ￿ Std Engraved
OpenType Std [?] $58.00 Buy Fashion Complete Family Pack font


Fashion Compressed and Engraved are the works of British designer Alan Meeks. Fashion Compressed is an elegant modern roman typeface suitable for a variety of advertising styles. The capitals can be used as initials or combined with the lower case letters. Fashion Engraved was produced when Meeks reworked Fashion Compressed, resulting in a beautiful, engraved typeface.

Fashion is a trademark or a registered trademark of International Typeface Corporation and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

This type family is a part of Linotype Library, distributed by ParaType.
Linotype license allows you to use the Fashion typeface on up to five CPUs and one printer connected with these CPUs.
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