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ITC Astro is the typeface that proves you can get your work done while watching cartoons. It all started as a series of doodles while I was watching The Jetsons, recalls Sasa Petricic. The show's impossibly simplistic vision of the twenty-first century cried out for a font that fit into that world -- a world where everyday objects can carry far more fun and personality than they should.ITC Astro is the first commercial typeface design from Petricic, whose day job is working as a reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Petricic has filed stories from across Canada and around the world for CBC's flagship evening newscast, The National. His reports have also appeared on CNN and BBC Television. Petricic's work as a correspondent and video journalist have taken him to six continents, covering everything from famine and genocide in Africa to the war in Iraq.With such serious matters filling the hours of Petricic's day as a journalist, it's not hard to see why he conceived Astro as a welcome blast of whimsy. As I began to draw the design, he says, I decided that every part of Astro should be a cartoon character unto itself. Each character has its own baseline shadow (or coaster, or circular antigravity generator, depending on how you look at things). The angular caps dance jauntily, rocking from left to right, while a suite of companion small caps provide backup. The end result is a design quite unlike any other, with surprising charm and versatility. ITC Astro comes in a two-weight family of White and Black.

ITC Astro is a trademark or a registered trademark of International Typeface Corporation and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

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ITC Astro Std White

ITC Astro font preview OpenType Std (CFF) [?] $65.00 Buy ITC Astro Std White font

ITC Astro Std Black

ITC Astro font preview OpenType Std (CFF) [?] $65.00 Buy ITC Astro Std Black font

ITC Astro Complete Family Pack (2 fonts)

Std White, Std Black
OpenType Std [?] $130.00 Buy ITC Astro Complete Family Pack font


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