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Gordon Yuri

Yuri Gordon was born in 1958. In 1987 he graduated from Moscow Printing Institute (now Moscow State University of Printing). Since 1979 Yuri is engaged in book and packaging design, illustration and graphic. He is currently involved mostly in graphic design, periodical design and illustration (Yuri is an art director of the Russian editions of the «Sesame Street» magazines), typefaces design and computer graphics. He developed typefaces FaRer, Dve Kruglykh, Forward (as a part of the «50 Years of Russian Hockey» anniversary package), Little Shift (commissioned by the Agency DMB&B) and others. Since April 1998 he produces the Letterhead line of digital fonts named after his own design studio.

Dva Probela
Dve Kruglyh
Minusman Script
Monte Summa