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Kudryashev Nikolai

Staff type designer of Type Department of VNII Polygraphmash. Took part in design of more then 200 fonts. The most known type is Kudryashev (Kudryashovskaya Entsiklopedicheskaya) that was designed in 1960-1974 together with Zinaida Maslennikova for Bol'shaya Sovetskaya Entsiklopedia (the Large Soviet Enciclopaedia). He developed first Russian on-press newspaper font Excelsior (with Michael Schelkunov, 1936). Other fonts: New Standard, New Journal, Gazetnaya Trudovskaya, Tonkaya rublenaya, Journal Sans, Slovarnaya Kudryasheva (last two was developed with Zinaida Maslennikova). He was awarded by the First Prize at type contest of Comecon countries dedicated to the memory of 500th anniversary of Gutenberg`s death (Dresden, 1971) for design of KML font.

Newspaper Sans