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Yefimov Vladimir

Vladimir Yefimov is a type designer, theoretician and lecturer with twenty years of experience. He was born in 1949, on 6th of May, in Moscow. In 1968 he graduated from Moscow secondary school of arts. In 1973 Yefimov graduated from the Moscow Printing Institute (now Moscow State University of Printing). Worked as a type designer for the Type Department of VNII Polygraphmash (1975–1991) and for ParaGraph (1992-1998). Since 1998 he is the co-founder and the art director of Paratype. Vladimir Yefimov is a member of the Moscow Artists Union (since 1997) and the Academy of Graphic Design (Moscow) (since 1995). He also is a member of AtypI (since 1996) and co-founder of the Type Designers Association (Moscow). Yefimov is a juror of several type contests, including contest «bukva:raz!» (2001), established by AtypI. Vladimir Yefimov lectures on type design at the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (Moscow) (since 1997) and at the British Higher School of Design (Moscow), writes articles and edits books on typography and type design. He takes part in exhibitions and contests on type and typography. Yefimov has designed some 50 types, including Peterburg, Octava, Pragmatica, Newton, etc., Cyrillic versions of classic Latin types ITC Avant Garde Gothic, ITC Zapf Chancery, Futura, Janson (Kis), Raleigh, etc., and some types of special graphic forms (Indian, Grecian, Hebrew). Main types: Pragmatica, AdverGothic, Futura Futuris (Diploma at contest «Shrift-89»), Newton (with Alexander Tarbeev), Peterburg, Didona, Octava (Grand Prix in the category «Type» at the Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design «Golden Bee», 1996), Cyrillic versions of Latin types: ITC Avant Garde Gothic, ITC Fat Face, ITC Zapf Chancery (the last two with Gennady Baryshnikov), Neufville Futura, ITC Charter, Bitstream Kis (Honorary Diploma «For perfection in type design» at the type design contest «Type Directors Club» (New York, 2000)).

ITC Avant Garde Gothic
ITC Benguiat
ITC Charter
English 157
ITC Fat Face
ITC Flora
Futura Futuris
Futura PT
Humanist 521
Kuenstler 480
ITC Machine
Mason Sans Cyrillic
Mason Serif Cyrillic
Pragmatica Slabserif
PT Sans Pro
PT Serif Pro
New Standard
Standard Poster
ITC Stone Sans
ITC Stone Serif
ITC True Grit
Yefimov Sans
Yefimov Serif
ITC Zapf Chancery

Vladimir Yefimov:
Identifont - Vladimir Yefimov
Vladimir Yefimov - Emigre
[TM] Typomania / Peoples [RUS]