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Slutsker Isay

Type designer, graphic artist, illustrator. Isay Slutsker was born in Orel in 1924. He was a veteran of Wold War II. In 1949 he graduated from Moscow Printing Institute (now Moscow State University of Printing). Slutsker worked for the Type Department of VNII Poligrafmash (National Printing Research Institute) (1949-1991), then for ParaGraph (1991–1998) and ParaType (1998-2002). For many years Slutsker freelanced as book designer and illustrator, working for Moscow publishers Prosveschenie, Khudozhestvennaya Literatura, etc. He developed many Cyrillic-Latin type and special graphic forms (Grecian, Indian, Amharic, Korean). Main Cyrillic-Latin types: Bruskovaya Gazetnaya, Mysl, Cyrillic versions of Latin types: ITC Franklin Gothic (with Tatiana Lyskova and Kirsanov Dmitry), Humanist 531 (awarded by Diplomae at type contests «Kirillitsa'99» and «bukva:raz!»), Bitstream Geometric Slabserif 712, Bitstream Caslon 540 (the last three with Manvel Shmavonyan), Slutsker Script.

ITC Franklin Gothic
Geometric Slabserif 712
Humanist 531
Mysl Narrow
Slutsker Script

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