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The competition was held by ParaType with support by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications of Russia. It was dedicated to the Tercentenary of Russian Civil Type — Peter the Great’s historic reform of Russian typography (1708–1710).

Cyrillic typeface projects and completed typefaces created and/or released after January 1, 2006 were eligible.

There were 234 entries from 13 countries. The jury selected 23 type projects for the Honor diplomas for the excellence in typography. Besides 6 projects were selected for the special diplomas from ParaType.

Entries by categories

Display designs — 177
Text designs — 32
Text / Display type systems — 20
Type superfamilies — 5

Entries by countries

Russia — 146
Ukraine — 34
USA — 23
Greece — 9
Germany — 7
Armenia — 3
Netherlands — 3
Serbia — 3
Czech Republic — 2
Brazil — 1
Mexico — 1
Portugal — 1
Switzerland — 1

The Jury
Vladimir Yefimov (ParaType) — Chairman
Yuri Gordon (LetterHead)
Alexander Konoplev (Moscow State University of Printing Arts)
Artemy Lebedev (Art. Lebedev Studio)
Vladimir Muzychenko (Stroganov University)
Tagir Safayev (Higher Academical School of Graphic Design)
Maxim Zhukov (ATypI)

The Organizing Committee
Emil Yakupov — Chairman
Sergei Bobryshev
Olga Umpeleva — Secretary

Press-release in PDF

Russian version


The Results

The judging of International Type Design Competition “Modern Cyrillic 2009” took place on Monday, September 14, 2009 in Moscow.
The jury reviewed and evaluated 185 works presented by Selection Committee. There were 134 project in Display category, 28 projects in Text category, 18 projects in Text/Display category and 5 Superfamily projects. The jury selected 23 entries for Honor Diplomas for the Excellence in Type Design. Every member of the jury also had right to make a special choice from selected works.
On September 15-16 ParaType as an organizer of the contest made its judging and selected 6 projects for Special Diplomas from organizers.

The Jury Selection

Display designs
• P22 Allyson Pro: Paul Hunt, USA
• Beetlejuice Script: Ilya Ruderman, Russia
• Belladonna: Alexandra Korolkova, Russia
• Bender: Oleg Zhuravlev, Ivan Gladkih, Russia
• PF Champion Script Pro: Panos Vassiliou, Greece (Choice of Alexander Konoplev)
• Epiphany: Oleg Macujev, Russia
• Fry: Oleg Macujev, Russia
• Gosizdat New: Innokentiy Keleynikov, Russia (Choice of Maxim Zhukov)
• PF Goudy Initials Pro + PF Goudy Ornaments: Panos Vassiliou, Greece
• DR_Krokodila: Dmitry Rastvortsev, Ukraine (Choice of Yuri Gordon)
• FF Mister K: Julia Sysmδlδinen, Jόrgen Sanides, Germany
• Praline: Ilya Ruderman, Russia
• Tsar Saltan: Alexander Kokorin, Olga Chekina, Russia (Choice of Vladimir Muzychenko)

Text designs
• Novinka: Sophya Safayeva, Russia

Text/Display type systems
• Best Life Serif: Ilya Ruderman, Yury Ostromentsky, Russia
• Big City Grotesque: Ilya Ruderman, Russia
• Gross Kronst/Gross Kunst: Kirill Sirotin, Russia (Choice of Tagir Safayev)
• Neacademia: Sergei Egorov, USA
• Solution: Artyom Utkin, Russia (Choice of Vladimir Yefimov)

Type superfamilies
• PF Centro Pro: Panos Vassiliou, Greece
• Leksa: Alexandra Korolkova, Russia
• Moyenage: František Štorm, Czech Republic (Choice of Artemy Lebedev)
• Susan Family: Manvel Shmavonyan, Armenia

The ParaType Selection

Display designs
• Alfavita: Valery Golyzhenkov, Russia

Text designs
• Chift: Vasily Biryukov, Russia
• Kuzma: Anton Geroev, Russia

Text/Display type systems
• Apriori: Vera Evstafieva, Russia
• Ladoga: Viktor Kharik, Ukraine
• Skolar Pro: David Bψezina, Czech Republic

Our congratulations to the winners!
We would like to thank all participants, the jury and those who helped us with this contest.
Special thanks to Alexandra Korolkova for the font Cless used in the contest logo.

Organizing committee