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International type design competition Modern Cyrillic 2014

The jury assembled on 25 and 26 November at 47 Nakhimovsky Prospect, Moscow. The Organising Committee would like to report that the 2014 competition far exceeded previous events in terms of both the number of submissions and the geographic footprint of participants.

As of 24h00 FJT November 14, 2014 the final count of the entries received was 356 from 26 countries:

Entries by categories

Display — 241
Text — 95
Type System — 20

Entries by countries

Russia — 164
USA — 32
Germany — 22
UK — 21
Serbia — 14
Switzerland — 14
Ukraine — 14
Lithuania —13
The Netherlands — 10
Chile — 8
Bulgaria — 7
Czech Republic — 7
Croatia — 4
France — 4
Greece — 4
Argentina — 3
Armenia — 2
Belarus — 2
Colombia — 2
Iran — 2
Spain — 2
Austria — 1
Canada — 1
Italy — 1
Macedonia — 1
Portugal — 1

We thank all the entrants in the competition, and wish them the best of luck.

The jury:

Dmitry Aronov, Russia
Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, Russia
Konstantin Golovchenko, Ukraine
Yuri Gordon, Russia
John Hudson, Canada
Alexandra Korolkova, Russia
Natalia Vasilyeva, Russia
Jovica Veljovic, Germany
Danila Vorobiev, Russia
The jury is chaired by Maxim Zhukov, USA

The organising committee:

Irina Petrova Eugene Yukechev Sergey Bobryshev Rustam Gabbasov Valentina Radzishevskaya

Press-release in PDF



Competition Rules

The Results
Twenty-nine type projects were selected by the jury to be awarded with honorary diplomas for excellence in type design. Each member of the jury was also allowed to give a special mention to one of these projects based on personal preference.

Display Typefaces
Adobe Hand B: Robert Slimbach, Adobe, USA, 2012
Amalta: Vera Evstafieva, Infonta, Russia, 2011
Artcity: Artem Yakovlev, Russia, 2014
Bickham Script Pro 3: Richard Lipton, Adobe, USA (Jovica Veljovic’s choice)
Capline: Jeremy Tankard, Jeremy Tankard Typography, United Kingdom, 2013
Checkpoint: Michael Parson, Typogama, Switzerland, 2010
Delgado: Roman Shukin, Gaslight TF, Russia, 2012 (Natalia Vasilyeva’s choise)
Lenta: Irina Krivosheeva, Russia, 2014
Manicotti: David Jonathan Ross, The Font Bureau, USA, 2014 (John Hudson’s choice)
Oktiabrjskaya: Nadezda Geringer, Germany, 2014 (Konstantin Golovchenko’s choice)
Sapiens: Elena Alexeeva, Russia
Siberian: Oleg Matsuev, Matsuev Type Foundry, Russia, 2013
Sloop: Richard Lipton, The Font Bureau, USA
Trajan Sans: Robert Slimbach, Adobe, USA, 2011
Wary: Valery Zaveryaev, Gaslight TF, Russia, 2012
Woodkit: Ondrej Job, Typotheque, Netherlands, 2014 (Yuri Gordon’s choice)

Adobe Text: Robert Slimbach, Adobe, USA, 2010 (Danila Vorobiev's choice)
Chetwerg: Andrey Belonogov, Russia, 2014 (Dmitry Aronov’s choice)
Chiavettieri: Nikola Kostic, Kostic Type Foundry, Serbia, 2014
FF Meta Condensed: Erik Spiekermann, Monotype/FontFont, Germany, 2010
Glober: Ivan Petrov, Svetoslav Simov, Fontfabric, Bulgaria, 2014
Marco: Toshi Omagari, Monotype, United Kingdom (Alexandra Korolkova’s choice)
Suisse Int’l Condensed Cyrillic: Alexei Vanyashin, Alexei Vanyashin Typography, Switzerland, 2013

Type Systems: Text & Display
Input: David Jonathan Ross, The Font Bureau, USA, 2014 (Gayaneh Bagdasaryan’s choice)
Mamontov Grotesk: Oleg Matsuev, Matsuev Type Foundry, Russia, 2014
Napoleon: Yana Kutyina, Russia, 2013–2014
Permian: Ilya Ruderman, Russia, 2009
RIA Typeface: Yury Ostromentsky, Custom Fonts, Russia, 2013
Sitka: Matthew Carter, Microsoft, USA, 2013

The Emil Yakupov prize from ParaType and a lifetime licence certificate from FontLab were awarded to Yana Kutyina and Andrei Belonogov.

Congratulations to the winners for their well-deserved awards!

On 30 November, the winners’ works were presented at international type conference Serebro Nabora in Moscow's Central House of Architecture, 7 Granatny Lane. The award ceremony was held the same evening, hosted by jury chair Maxim Zhukov.

There are plans to release a catalogue of the winning typefaces and organise an exhibition based on the results of the competition.

The organising committee would like to express its sincere gratitude to the members of the jury, the contestants and everyone else who made this competition possible.

Organising committee