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Blooming Meadow font

A set of original ornamental symbols was designed by Viktor Kharyk and licensed by ParaType in 2007. The name was inspired by the famous book “Champ Fleury” by Geoffroy Tory (1529) but the theme of blooming meadow was embodied much more literally. Each ornamental motive has a real prototype in flora. Mainly there are plants raising on Ukrainian forest steppe. Plants were chosen for their Ukrainian and Latin names that begin with the corresponding letters of Ukrainian and Latin alphabets. The font consists of two styles: Day for normal and Night for reversed that reminds night lighting by its unexpected distribution of black and white areas. Fleurons may be used for creation of ornamental surfaces, composed borders and corners, decoration of any materials, and even as botanical illustrations. Blooming Meadow Day have been adjudged the Award of Excellence in Type Design at TypeArt’05 international type design contest.

Tags: book, advertising, display, poster, celebration, comics, children


Blooming Meadow Day
Font Blooming MeadowDay charset
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Blooming Meadow Night
Font Blooming MeadowNight charset
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Blooming Meadow font is a part of ParaType Library.
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