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The hand composition typeface was developed at the Ossip Lehmann type foundry (St. Petersburg) in 1904-07 (after designs by Alexander Leo?). It was redeveloped at Polygraphmash in 1960s for slugcasting composition. Named after Russian Empress Elizabeth I (1709-61). Based on typefaces of George Revillon type foundry of 1840s, though some characters’ shapes were redrawn similar to Russian Academy of Sciences typefaces (mid-18th century). Sharp contrast, strong weight Modern Serif with archaic flavor. The typeface is useful in text and display composition, in fiction, historical and art books, especially relating to the 18th or 19th centuries. It looks great in Russian classical literature such as Pushkin’s and Gogol’s works. The revised, improved and completed digital version was designed at ParaType in 2001 by Lyubov Kuznetsova.

Tags: headline, display, text, book, magazine, screen, modern, elegant, vintage, historical


Elizabeth Book
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