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Guenter type got its name after Guenter Gnauck — a calligrapher from Eastern Germany whose works brought an inspiration and initial incitement for the design. But in contrast to the calligraphic nature of the inspiration source, Guenter has a specific construction using only straight stems. Along with KvadratZ family Guenter belongs to the so called "in-one-touch" series. The first version in one basic style was developed by Zakhar Yaschin in 2001. In 2009 the font was redesigned with the addition of 3 new styles and released by ParaType as a family.

Tags: advertising, poster, comics, display, screen, decorative, funny, free-form


Guenter Normal
Font GuenterNormal charset
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Guenter Italic
Font GuenterItalic charset
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Guenter Bold
Font GuenterBold charset
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Guenter Bold Italic
Font GuenterBold Italic charset
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Guenter pack (4 fonts)
Guenter Normal, Guenter Italic, Guenter Bold, Guenter Bold Italic
Buy and download Guenter pack (4 fonts)
Guenter font is a part of ParaType Library.
ParaType license allows you to use the Guenter typeface on up to five CPUs and one printer connected with these CPUs.
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