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Gulitov is an original type work designed in unconventional technique by graphic and type designer Yuri Gulitov. The shapes of signs were built up in a very specific routine. At the first stage signs were drawn on the black sheet of paper by the PVA adhesive, then a white sheet was placed above, and shortly the white sheet was torn off. The scraps of white paper presented the signs. Inverse style shows hypothetic result of tearing off a black sheet. The styles can be used together or separately in display and advertising works to demonstrate the fight between good and evil forces or vice versa. Analog version of the font was awarded a diploma at the Third International Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee”. A Digital version of the font was released by ParaType in 2008.

Tags: advertising, poster, comics, display, screen, decorative, funny, ragged


Gulitov Positive
Font GulitovPositive charset
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Gulitov Negative
Font GulitovNegative charset
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Gulitov font is a part of ParaType Library.
ParaType license allows you to use the Gulitov typeface on up to five CPUs and one printer connected with these CPUs.
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