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Kremlin Pro font

The first version of Kremlin was designed at ParaType (ParaGraph) in 1995 by Tagir Safayev, based on an informal handwriting. Kremlin is a Russian word for a fortress or a citadel. Even the author is not quite sure why he had named the font like that. Probably the text line reminded him of a tight fence. Later the font was expanded in character set and got two style variations with extended proportions. The suffix "Pro" in the name was added to distinguish the new version from the previous one. The derivative work was done by Dmitry Kirsanov and Gennady Fridman in 2010. The font is recommended for advertising and display typography.

Tags: handwriting, headline, children, comics, screen, funny, monoline, condensed


Kremlin Pro Regular
Kremlin Pro Regular font Character Set
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Kremlin Pro Semi Expanded
Kremlin Pro Semi Expanded font Character Set
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Kremlin Pro Expanded Demi
Kremlin Pro Expanded Demi font Character Set
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Kremlin pack (3 fonts)
Kremlin Regular, Kremlin Semi-Expanded, Kremlin Expanded Demi
Buy and download Kremlin pack (3 fonts)
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