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Mojito is a lively and vigorous calligraphic font based on a brush pen calligraphy. The author carefully rethought all of the character forms and created a very concise and clean outline that would look great in any size. Mojito has about 1,400 characters, including alternatives, ligatures, initial and final forms. That’s why letters are not repeated and their combinations look as natural as possible, especially in Cyrillic. For an all caps set in Mojito you can include the replacement of basic forms with the simplified ones, specifically designed for this purpose. Two additional styles imitate writing over a rough surface and a relief print. Mojito is perfect for packaging and advertising, food and beverages, cafes and restaurants, craftsmanship, children's books, magazines, etc. The font was designed by Zahar Yaschin and released by Paratype in 2017. Additional styles were created by Alexander Lubovenko.

Tags: handwriting, headline, display, screen, leaflets, funny, dynamic, informal, discretional ligatures, old styles figures, alternatives


Mojito Regular
Mojito Regular font Character Set
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Mojito Rough
Mojito Rough font Character Set
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Mojito Stamp
Mojito Stamp font Character Set
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Mojito pack (3 fonts)
Mojito Regular, Mojito Rough, Mojito Stamp
Buy and download Mojito pack (3 fonts)
Mojito font is a part of ParaType Library.
ParaType license allows you to use the Mojito typeface on up to five CPUs and one printer connected with these CPUs.
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