What are webfonts
Webfont is a special font format for use on websites. Every webfont includes several files (ttf, woff, eot, svg) which are used depending on a browser.

Attention! Not all our fonts can be used on websites. Those which have the web format are marked out by a special icon:

How to Buy a Webfont
Select "Webfonts" in the "format" column and click on shopping cart icon: . Then choose the number of pageviews/month and your payment method. Fill out the registration form. To download webfonts, enter one or more domain names and click on “Save” button.

What Do You Get
You get a set of font files for using with different browsers and a special web license which grants the rights to use this webfont on websites. Your license is perpetual. If your number of pageviews/month is increased, you’ll have to buy an additional license. You also get an opportunity to choose the necessary character set to reduce the size of files and hence the traffic. You can do this in the Customer area choosing “Subsetting” option.

Price of a Webfont License
Price depends on pageviews/month. Initial price of a webfont license corresponds to 10.000 pageviews/month and equals to the price of a basic desktop license.
If you buy initial webfont license and desktop license, you get 50% discount on desktop license.
If you buy a webfont license for over 10000 pageviews/month, you get a basic desktop license free!

Pricing examples:

Webfonts are supported by all major browsers: Firefox 3.5+, IE 5+, Opera 10+, Chrome 4+, Safari 3.1+ and iOS MobileSafari.