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If your old font does not work properly with new version of OS or with new application, don't panic, just contact us.

We use latest versions of FontLab series of font tools as well as own internal utilities to perform technical treatment and can do with your font all feasible conversions.

Conversion from format to format
Some users prefer TrueType, others PostScript and all are interested in OpenType. We can convert your fonts and hint them afterwards to provide requested screen quality.

Adapting to requested platform
We can convert Windows fonts to Mac platform or back or build crossplatform OpenType format from your old fonts.

Some new Unicode based applications don't work properly with old "1-byte" fonts. We can easily reencode fonts and make them compatible with old and new application.

OpenType featuring
If you use a type family with expert character sets that include fonts with old style figures, small caps, additional ligatures and if you think that it's not very convenient to change fonts all the time, we can combine your fonts in one OpenType font with extended character set and add add class-kerning if needed.

All questions, direct to