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Edits, creates, transforms, converts any bitmap font in any format.

BitFonter Features
  • Font projects - organize fonts into projects for easier management
  • Bitmap font conversion - convert from any supported format to any other.
  • Support for bitmap TrueType fonts - with full Unicode and optional grayscale support. For Mac and Windows.
  • Professional image editing tools, transformations and filters - from Pencil to Gaussian blur.
  • PhotoFontR technology - create full-color fonts with transparency and use them on any Web page or in PhotoshopR
  • Rasterization of outline fonts to bitmaps - create sample versions of your TrueType or Type 1 fonts and distribute them without risk over the Net.
  • Convert bitmap to outline fonts - convert scanned images or digital photographs into outline fonts in minutes (requires FontLab or TypeTool installed on the same computer).
  • Unicode support - multiple codepages and encodings, support for very big fonts.
BitFonter Specifications
  • Import formats: Mac OS NFNT, Windows FON and FNT, TrueType (embedded bitmaps - Mac and Windows versions), IBM AFP, HP PCL SFP and SFL, BDF (black/white, grayscale and color), ABF, FontLab Template, unpacked FBIT, PhF.
  • Export: Mac OS NFNT, Windows FON and FNT, TrueType (embedded bitmaps - Mac and Windows versions), IBM AFP, HP SFP and SFL, BDF (all modes), FontLab Template, PhF.
  • Picture import formats: PNG, PICT, TIFF.
  • Picture export formats: PNG, PICT.
  • Rasterization of outline fonts: from any installed font (using system rasterizer) and from any font opened in FontLab or TypeTool (using FreeType rasterizer).
  • Tracing of bitmap fonts to FontLab or TypeTool.
  • Drawing tools: Pencil, Eraser, Brush, Text tool, Line, Rectangle and Ellipse tool, Fill, Marquee selection, freeform selection, magic wand selection. All tools can work in any color mode, from black/white to 24-bit color with transparency.
  • Special tools: metrics editor, tools to extract characters from image.
  • Encoding: full Unicode support, all known codepages and encodings.
  • Windows: Project window, Font window (with the glyph preview and string preview panels), Glyph window, Preview window, Image window.
  • Panels: Info, Palette (includes optional transparency selector), Brushes.
  • Transformation: Scale, Slant, Rotate, Bold (for black-white fonts only).
  • Filters and effects: Change color depth, Resize, Merge fonts, Sharpen, Soften, Gaussian blur, Smart blur, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Colorize/Texturize, Remove background, Median noise, Custom filter and more.
  • Undo levels: up to 100 levels (customizable)
  • Hardware requirements: Macintosh computer, 64MB RAM
  • Software requirements: Mac OS 8.1 or newer

Download the Macintosh trial version (works for three days). (3.5 mB)