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FastFont 1.0

  • Generates TrueType font from your own handwritting.
  • Can be used to modify existing fonts.
  • Creates PI-fonts with pictogramms.
  • Has an intuitive, easy to use interface.
  • Provides quick rendering using state-of-the art technology.

Some time ago, together with FontShop we started joint project on digitizing handwriting. We created more then 300 fonts for customers all around the world. To get a custom font, customers would fill a FontShop form and the font would be developed in several weeks.

But people wanted their handwritten fonts to look precisely like their true handwriting, and sometimes we couldn't satisfy them. TrueType or PostScript formats include only one sample for each letter, although one never writes two characters exactly alike. Real handwriting is much more alive and occasional then typesetting.

That was the reason for FastFont program development. With FastFont You can easily make your own font or even modify existing fonts.You can make not only handfonts, but PI-fons as well.

You don't need to know anything about font formats or complicated Bezie curves. You just draw them in with a graphics tablet or a mouse.

For example: import a typeface and modify characters with FastFont. There are eraser and a wide set of pen tools of different dimensions to give shape to any idea you like. You can create Latin, Cyrillic or other keyboard layout. Press Build Font. Modify characters again. Press Build Font. Now add new fonts to your system.

Start layout program. Set "FastFont" and choose font and colour for the first layer. Clone this layer.

Choose font and colour for the second layer. Clone second layer. Choose font and colour for the third layer.

Everything is ready without FreeHand or Illustrator.

FastFont looks like a toy, but is based on quite a sofisticated technology. Our font digitizing experience let us make tracer quick and precise. Look at this O-character: all points are more or less in the proper positions, and the point number is not too big.

You can immediately implement any new ideas you have for a new typeface. If you like the result, you can import new font into a professional font editor without paper drawing and without scanning.
FastFont creates TrueType fonts that work with any text processor. You don't simply get a picture, but real font you can use just about anywhere. Download and enjoy!

PC demo version - download self extracting archive 103 K.
Windows 3.xx and Windows 95 compatible.

Here you can see QuickTime movie example of the FastFont made font.

Graffiti. 1.155 Mb.

Pollock. 608 K.