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Font Installer

Font Installer helps properly install multilingual TrueType fonts in Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

If you install new TrueType fonts that include beside Western characters some other alphabets, e.g. Cyrillic, by the standard Windows font installing procedure, the Russian letters will not be accessible from keyboard in applications that don't support UNICODE fonts.

To make Cyrillic range of a font workable you must add to [FontSubstitutes] section of WIN.INI file the line <font name> Cyr,204=<font name>,204. In proper font files there is an information about supported code pages. Font Installer get this information from font file and add corresponding substitution lines in WIN.INI.

To install new fonts copy Font Installer into a folder with font files and run it. All fonts from the current folder will be copied into folder Windows/Fonts and necessary changes in WIN.INI and Registry will be done.

Here you can download Font Installer (36 K)