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FontLab 4.5

Fontlab is the world's powerful, full featured, digital typeface editor.

Want to try it out? Download the FontLab demo now (about 3.6 MB). The demo version does not export.

Glyph Editor - Native Adobe Type 1 and Native TrueType font editors. Does everything you need to produce new fonts, add characters to fonts, or change characters. Perfect accuracy and reproducibility.

Multiple Masters - Make your own multiple master fonts with up to 4 axes

TrueType & Type 1 Hinting - Add hints manually or automatically for beautiful screen and low-res fonts.

VectorPaint Tools - Perform paint operations in a vector environment

  • Create your own Multiple Master Fonts with up to four different axes!

Q:What can I do with FontLab?
A: Everything you can do with TypeTool, Plus:

  • Make multiple master fonts with up to four axes: weight, width, optical size, serif, x-height, contrast, etc.
  • Manually or automatically hint your fonts - with delta hinting for TrueType fonts
  • Edit Multiple Master fonts in Native mode
  • Make font variations in seconds with special effects
  • Export in TrueType or Type 1 format
  • Print a font table
  • Draw new characters quickly and easily with VectorPaint tools

  • You can space your characters (kerning) either automatically with the standard kerning pair set or manually with one of your own construction.


  • Import formats: PC Type 1, PC TrueType, CID, EPS
  • Export Formats: PC Type 1, PC TrueType, EPS
  • Tools: Draw, Erase, VectorPaint, Rotate, Mirror, Skew, Scale, Zoom, Composite, Set Startpoint, Insert Node, Remove Overlap, Merge Contours, Subtract Contours, Intersect Contours, Snap to Guides, Check Connections, Nodes at Extremes, Ruler, Undo (100+ levels)
  • Filters:Bold, Outline, Sidebearings Control, Scale, Slant, Rotate, Autohint - all programmable and applicable font wide (You can program sequences of filters and apply them to any range of characters, including the whole font.)
  • Windows:Edit, Font chart, Font Manager (unlimited simultaneous open fonts), Preview/Kerning/Metrics
  • Encoding:Unicode, Custom, ANSI, ASCII
  • Printouts:Character, Preview, Font Table, Kerning, Font Report, Encoding (with keyboard mode)
  • 370-page user manual
  • Hardware requirements:8MB RAM, SVGA Monitor, Mouse
  • Software requirements: WIN95, WIN3.x, WIN NT, or OS/2