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ParaMac 1.0

ParaMac is a software tool that enables you to write multilingual texts on Macintosh. ParaMac use standard Apple and ParaType code pages. ParaMac is very easy to operate. Once installed, it works automatically with your word processing and graphic applications.

You can

  • use Russian and other European languages in applications
  • easily switch from one keyboard to another.

ParaMac is compatible with all Macintosh applications.
Important: ParaMac works under Mac OS 9 or below only.

There is a set of keyboard layouts for different European languages: German, French, Irish, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Macedonian, Czech and many others. To run ParaMac you need Apple Macintosh computer with 6.0 or later operating system.

KED 1.0 - Keyboard Editor

KED - is an application which allows you to edit the keyboard layout in a simple and intuitive way. It requires System 7 to run. It is intended primarily for users who are not familiar with general-purpose tools like ResEdit or just get bored of its interface.

Winth this application you can:

  • Open a file containing a Macintosh keyboard description or any of the keyboard layouts currently installed in your system.
  • See how does this layout look on different Macintosh keyboards and in different fonts.
  • Change this layout simply by dragging a letter on a key, or double-clicking a letter; make or delete a dead key, assign and deassign dead-key completer.
  • Change the layout name and ID.
  • Change the keyboard icon by pasting a picture.
  • Print all the layout or a chosen table.
  • Save the changes made in a keyboard file for later installation in your system.