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ParaNoise 1.0

ParaNoise is a software tool for making special graphic effects based upon PostScript fonts. Special effects appear in a way of random letter contour distortion. There are 12 types of effects available now: Beofont, Dance, Zoom, Pen, Rotate, Swing, Pencil, Marker, Winter, Wind, Storm and Distort. You choose the effect and set it's intensity with a slider or type in the value in a small window nearby.

ParaNoise create "static" and "dynamic" font forms. Static form is present on screen and non-PostScript devices. Once changed letters have constant contours here. On PostScript devices you'll have the dynamic form, and all characters will be changed every time they appear. You'll find no two similar A-letters!

The interface is comfortable. You work with text sample in sample window and instantly evaluate the new made font. To make a font with an effect you can redraw all font characters or some chosen letters if you want to.

ParaNoise creates a new font and installs it in your system. This way you can enrich your font library with new fonts.

ParaNoise is selled by two packages.

  • ParaNoise "Base" pack include ParaNoise program with first 5 effects (Beo(tm)-Font, Dance, Zoom, Pen, Rotate).
  • ParaNoise "PIP1" Plug-In-Pack contens adding 7 effects (Swing, Pencil, Marker, Winter, Wind, Storm and Distort).

PC demo version - PNDEMO.EXE 237 K.
Windows 3.xx and Windows 95 compatible.

Mac demo version - PNDEMO.SEA.EXE 343 K.

Here you can see QuickTime movie example of the ParaNoise made fonts.

Beo effect. 133 K.
Dance and Skew
effects 294 K.
Brush effect. 325 K.