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TypeTool is our light font editor. It does the basics quickly and easily.

TypeTool Features
  • Make new fonts
  • Automatically hint and kern your fonts
  • Add ligatures, old style figures, fractions, currency symbols and foreign characters to your fonts
  • Make your own dingbat or clipart fonts fonts
  • Make font variations
  • Print font reference tables
  • Rearrange your keyboard
  • Add correct em dashes, en dashes, quotation marks and apostrophes to your fonts
  • Make custom end-of-story markers for your newsletter
  • Convert fonts between Adobe Type 1 and TrueType formats

TypeTool specifications

  • Import formats: Type 1, TrueType, EPS
  • Export Formats: Type 1, TrueType, EPS
  • Tools/operations: Draw, Erase, Rotate, Skew, Zoom, Set Startpoint, Insert Node, Remove Overlap, Merge Contours, Subtract Contours, Intersect Contours, Snap to Guides, Ruler, Undo (200 levels), Autohint, Remove hints, Decompose
  • Windows: Edit, Font Table, Font Manager, Preview/Kerning/Metrics, Context sensitive popup menus and property windows
  • Encoding: Imported, Adobe Standard, Adobe Cyrillic, Adobe Symbol, Windows ANSI, ISO Latin
  • Printouts: Character, Preview, Font Table
  • Hardware requirements: 16MB RAM, SVGA Monitor, Mouse
  • Software requirements: WIN95, WIN98/2K, WIN NT, or Mac OS8.1+

Download the Windows version demo (doesn't export). (1.8 mB)
Download the Macintosh trial version. (3.0 mB)